When you choose to work with IT-Henhouse, you're choosing to work with a leader in cloud business phone systems in Charlotte. The core functionality of a Business Phone System is to allow a collection of office phones to communicate with each other and also the outside world. These phone systems eliminate the need for your company to purchase multiple phone lines for your employees. It allows for one phone to call another phone within the same system.

Nextiva Cloud-Based Business Phone Systems for Small Businesses

With the help of modern and efficient technology, small businesses have the ability to run more seamlessly than ever before. Charlotte is a prime location to service and reach companies in surrounding areas that need telecom services such as call forwarding, virtual receptionist services, voicemail, email, and so much more. We offer cost-effective services that are reliable and affordable and can help your small business stay competitive.

Over 100 features at your fingertips in our complete awarding-winning solution.

Unlimited Calling in the U.S. & Canada

Team Chat & Messaging

Advanced Call Routing

Desktop & Mobile App

Audio & Video Conferencing

Virtual Agents

Nextiva Business Phone Systems for Enterprise Companies

We don’t just provide excellent services for small businesses but can assist companies of a larger nature as well. Our experienced agents have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to working with enterprise companies and there’s no substitute for our experience. We understand that each business is unique and we make it our goal to customize user-friendly systems for your company’s specific needs. Our trained experts will customize systems with the intent to reduce energy costs while simultaneously boosting reliability and performance, Our affordable solutions never compromise quality or performance.

What Clients Love About Nextiva and IT-Henouse 

Why do clients trust us?

Enterprises don’t just trust the partnership of Nextiva and IT-Henhouse for their business applications and intelligence, but for their security and integrity. Their platform helps businesses build deeper connections with their customers at an affordable price. Nextiva prides itself on amazing service and outstanding reliability. Offering easy set-up, usage, and management, you have more time to focus on your customers. We understand why some businesses fail and others succeed and can help your business grow by offering the following:

● Excellent client retention

● Access to specialized pricing and promotions

● Over 27 years of award-winning service

● No power outages since 2018

● Over 100 features at your fingertips

Nextiva VoIP For Large Businesses

VolP is the technology that converts your voice into a digital signal. This allows calls to be made directly from any data-driven device, computer, or VolP phone. Simply put, VolP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology allows you to receive and make calls over the internet. One major benefit of VolP is that instead of using a server to maintain software, all information and data are stored in the cloud. This option will save you money on updates and maintenance down the road.

Whether you have hundreds of employees or just a handful, we can offer the most cost-effective and reliable services to help you meet your company’s goals. Large businesses may require a VolP system that allows you the capacity to power a call center or other large-scale network. At IT-Henhouse, our partnership with Nextiva provides businesses with a unified platform. That is to say, we combine your business phone, video conferencing and collaboration, and customer management services, all into one. Nextiva offers round-the-clock customer support on every business phone plan it offers and for your convenience, can be used with existing office and mobile phones. Compatible with contact managers like CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Google Contacts, we cover all your bases.

Staff Working Remotely? You're Covered!

With virtually thousands of employees working remotely across the country, we have the capability to provide you with the solutions for success.

  • Online Chat & Screensharing
  • Video & Audio conferencing
  • Mobile & Desktop Apps
  • Supported By Most Reliable Networks

I have nothing but praise. The best experiences I’ve had in IT have been with Nextiva.

Chris Hayes
IT Director, Conan

Support and Installation

Whenever a company switches phone systems, the biggest concern is that of disrupting the day-to-day phone system that keeps your business running and is currently set into place. Our top priority is to keep your business functioning as normal without any outages or downtime. Our trained support team is there through every step of the process to assist, should any issues arise. Feel free to contact our technical experts for help or guidance with any needed device. We want you to have complete peace of mind during the transition.

We pride ourselves in meeting the unique needs of each individual company we work with. Our team will take every action necessary to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the telecom services we provide. If we can make sure to provide your company with the best solution for your needs, we have effectively done our job.

Nextiva knows that when it comes to supporting the IT needs of local tri-state businesses, no one does it better than our trusted partner, IT-Henhouse.

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