Why Hiring an Outside IT Consultancy Is Worth the Investment

Posted by admin - Dec 20, 2017, 4:45 PM


Hiring an IT consulting firm is a big decision. First off - it’s not free, and second…do you really have time to learn new software and install new hardware in the office? You’re barely keeping your head above water as it is! And what if the suggestions made by your consultant end up hurting, not helping, your company. Will you end up worse than you started?

Well, now.

Feels better to get it all out, right?

We know. Hiring an IT consulting firm isn’t something you take lightly. It’s an investment, to be sure, but it takes more than money. Revamping your IT costs you time and resources. It’s imperative your IT consultant takes the process as seriously as you do.

Given all the risks, why is working with an outside IT firm still absolutely, unequivocally worth the investment? There are lots of reasons, actually.

Better technology helps grow your business. If you’re stuck in place like a hamster on a wheel, technology is undoubtedly the answer. Implementing new technology under the advisement of a consultant is the best way to take your business from Point A to Point B, and to do it faster than you ever thought possible. Great tech doesn’t just keep your business functioning, it opens up opportunities you didn’t even know existed.

Technology, even “investment” (read: expensive) technology, will save your business money. Today’s tech – both hardware and software – is designed for efficiency. Reducing redundancy in your workplace while simultaneously opening up better tools for marketing, internal auditing, bookkeeping and more, technology done right offers incredibly high ROI. Add to that the ongoing cost-savings of preventing breakdowns and circumventing data breaches that a long-term IT partner brings to the table, and it’s hard not to see that working off inferior technology is sucking your business dry.

And remember, your employees want better technology, too. The right tools make it easier for everyone to perform their job, and create opportunities for people to elevate their work. It’s hard to get inspired working off a thirty-pound desktop that’s older than dirt. Tech is a retention tool. It’s a boon to your hiring process and it should elevate your business’ presence among its peers. If your technology’s not doing all that, something’s missing.

If your business is unique – and of course it is – your technology should be unique, too. Finding the right IT consultant should be high on your to-do list…you wouldn’t consider opening the doors without worker’s comp insurance and desks for everyone to sit at. Why should you operate with less than efficient technology?

IT-HenHouse is your new IT partner. We feel your pain points and we never, ever take for granted what a big financial investment a technology plan ultimately is. At the same time, we firmly believe that upgrading your technology makes your business better.

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