Why Every Company Can Benefit from a Software Systems Audit

Posted by admin - Oct 5, 2017, 4:43 PM


Every business can benefit from a software systems audit. Fledgling companies, global companies, legacy companies…none are immune to the risks of working on outdated or inefficient software.

At IT-Henhouse, we take a lot of pride in our auditing process. The way we see it, technology isn’t just about streamlining logistics and automating processes (although it is great at those things!), it’s meant to help a business become the best version of itself. If your software isn’t innovating the way you do business, you’re missing an opportunity.

Here’s why we think every company can benefit from a software systems audit.



Pinpoint Your Weaknesses (and Strengths)

Audits aren’t a lot of fun. They reveal truths about your business you may have been ignoring, but they’re a great way to get all your cards on the table so you know where your technology is starting from. Maybe your audit will reveal hundreds of lost hours of productivity each year thanks to a clumsy ordering system; maybe it will prove that your data is about 1/100th as secure as you thought it was. Likewise, your audit – and a knowledgeable IT professional – will help you determine where the “low-hanging fruit” is and where your business can be exponentially improved through better software. Glass half-full!


Minimize Inefficiencies

What we see all too often isn’t necessarily bad software, it’s just the wrong software. As businesses grow, particularly small- to medium-sized businesses, they tend to add software on top of software. Sensing a need, then purchasing a software to fill it makes sense, at the surface. Long-term, this can create a logistical nightmare for employees and leave gaps in your systems. A better solution is a suite of software tools designed to complement your current business activities and also to support your goals for the future. When done right, software isn’t a Band-Aid, it’s rocket fuel.


Mitigate Risk and Save Money

At the end of the day, most businesses are primarily concerned about the bottom line. The great news is, a software audit can save your company (a lot of) money. How? First, by reducing inefficiencies in your processes: better software helps you manage manpower, inventory, and distribution effectively. Second, by pointing out areas in which your business is at risk, either from nefarious third-parties or of inadvertently backing itself into a corner. A software audit is always less expensive than a data breach. Lastly, software audits help companies save money on hardware, too. With the right systems in place, businesses can consider forward-thinking solutions like cloud storage and wireless data transmissions while reducing their reliance on expensive and quickly-outdated hardware.


Sounds ominous, right? It doesn’t have to be. 
A comprehensive software audit is a smart move for your business for a variety of reasons. A few of the best times to call in a professional IT auditor like IT-HenHouse include:

  • When starting a new business
  • As a business transitions to a new office space
  • When a company experiences significant growth
  • When making a big market or strategy shift
  • As an investor, hedge fund, or buyout becomes interested



Of course, there’s always a good reason for an audit. Ready to find out more? Contact your friends in IT at IT-HenHouse. We’re ready to make your software work for you, not the other way around.


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