What To Consider When Choosing an IT Partner

Posted by admin - Sep 25, 2017, 4:42 PM


Deciding on an IT partner is one of the most important decisions your business will ever make. The right technology consultants can make your business more streamlined, more efficient, and more profitable. The wrong ones can leave you with more questions than answers or, worse, with ineffective tech.

How do you know what to look for when you’re interviewing IT companies? With such an important investment in your business, it’s only natural to have anxiety about getting it right. At the end of the day, IT-HenHouse wants you to choose the right technology team, not the most obvious one. Here’s what we want you to consider when evaluating IT professionals.


Communication Style
This is – by far and away – one of the most important factors of success for a business/IT partnership. If your communication style doesn’t align with an IT professional’s, cut bait and move on…the problem will only get worse with time. Ideally, your IT partner will meet you where you are. You’re an email-forward organization? Great, they’ll email you. You prefer face-to-face training for your staff? They’ll be at your office at noon. Technology is complicated enough without adding any communication barriers to the mix. Consider which partners you have the most natural rapport with and also which ones are most successful at putting complicated technology into layman’s terms.

The right IT partner will be as invested in the growth potential of your business as you are. They should understand your pain points and feel them, too. With all that knowledge, they should make actionable suggestions to improve and elevate your business. Technology is black and white; its effect on your business isn’t. You need a technology strategy, not a few new computers. The right IT consultant will help you determine where your technology should take you in the next month, year, and decade, and exactly what it will take to get you there.

Comprehensive Services
Building out the right technology solutions for your business is a lot like building a house. Think of the right IT partner as your General Contractor: They have the vision to look at the whole project holistically and the resources to complete each individual task. You shouldn’t be chasing your tail talking to hardware distributors and app builders one-by-one. Your business should be working with an IT provider who will manage all the little pieces for you and determine how (and whether) they all fit into your broader scope of plans. You’re not a technology expert, but your technology expert should be. Right?


IT-HenHouse is working around the clock to make IT more approachable. From implementing software solutions to building out customized applications, our tech gurus are more than just geeks…they’re the IT partners you’ve been looking for.

Ready to talk about tech in a language you can understand? We are, too. Give our team a call today to start making a plan for your business.

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