Using the Wrong Software Is Costing Your Company Money

Posted by admin - Sep 20, 2017, 4:39 PM


The software your business uses has a direct correlation to your bottom line. Choosing the wrong software system not only lowers productivity and decreases efficiency, it can actually cost you money. How much is your office’s software really costing you?


Time Cost

The biggest – and hardest to measure – impact of your company’s software is on time. Better software makes your business more efficient: it streamlines workflows, expedites processes, and simplifies internal communications. The longer it takes to get things done, the more money your company loses. Fewer meetings, streamlined logistics, and less human oversight, all things that save your business money, can be accomplished through the right software.

Duplication Cost

Consider how many software systems your business currently uses. You could be operating with an enterprise system, in-house email, chat, CRM, project management system, and more. Chances are, there’s a lot of redundancy in your current setup; duplicate software causes confusion and results in huge time costs. A software system that has been customized for your businesses’ specific needs not only makes things simpler from an employee perspective, it can help prevent avoidable oversight issues down the road.

Adjustment Cost

Constantly adding to, upgrading, and reevaluating software is expensive. Doing so is disruptive to the flow of your business and makes it impossible for employees to ever be fully trained on the software at hand. When software is a poor fit, real costs are incurred through maintenance, improvements, and administration; the time costs of researching and assessing a company’s software are significant, too. If it feels like your company’s software is always a little less than ideal, you might be putting a bandage on a bigger problem.

Growth Costs

Perhaps the most devastating cost of ill-fitting software is that of restrained growth. If your company’s software isn’t enhancing your business, it’s holding you back. The right software is predictive. It automates processes you didn’t know could be automated and it offers valuable data you can use to plan for the future. Software is one of the most powerful tools your business has at its disposal. Are you taking advantage of it?

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