How To Know if a New Software Implementation Is Actually Necessary

Posted by admin - Nov 15, 2017, 4:37 PM

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Implementing new software can be a scary proposition.

There’s the time, of course, and the financial outlay. There’s employee training and data migration and making sure you’re implementing the right software platform in the first place!

It’s…a lot. That’s why at IT-HenHouse, we make sure our clients absolutely, positively need new software by the time we recommend implementation. A software shift is often the best thing to happen to a business, but it’s a commitment best considered thoroughly. Here’s how to know when new software is actually necessary for your operation.


You Already Have Software. Too Much of it.

One of the most straightforward reasons to implement a new software platform is consolidation. Reorganizing business operations onto a single ERP saves time, improves efficiency, and generally moves a business forward. If your biggest hang-up about getting new software is that you already have so much software, the products you have aren’t doing their job. It’s time to streamline.


There’s a Hole Where Your Data Should Be.

Maybe your business is growing. Maybe your customer base has shifted. Maybe you’re in a period of adjustment where you’re just trying to figure out how the next one, two, or ten years will look. If you don’t have any data to base decisions off of, you’re just throwing JELLO at the wall. Great software provides you with mountains of data and makes it easy to access, use, and implement. Every customer interaction, every sale, and even every phone call can be a data point if you have the software to support it. Do you?


Your Needs Are Getting More and More Customized.

No two businesses are exactly alike. That’s a good thing! The more niche your business gets, the more likely you are to benefit from a customized software solution. What is a custom software solution? It’s not just multiple software platforms linked together; It’s proprietary technology that anticipates the needs and pain points specific to your business. If you’ve tried several different software solutions and none seem to have the exact functionality you need, it’s time to think bigger.


Your Trusted IT Partner Recommends New Software.

Ugh. We know. It’s hard to want to listen to an IT professional who’s always telling you to implement this and upgrade that. But when you work with the right IT partner, you finally feel the difference between being sold to and being understood. Finding the perfect technology provider isn’t an easy task. It’s worth the effort, though, because a good IT company doesn’t just suggest better software, they implement it, train your staff on it, and stand alongside you for years to come as it improves your entire process. Yeah, we’ve got the warm-and-fuzzies, too.

Looking for an IT partner who listens? Who does more than suggest off-the-shelf software solutions to stop the bleeding? Who doesn’t speak in technical gobbledygook?


Call IT-HenHouse. We’re looking for partners just like you, too.

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