How To Identify Software Inefficiencies in Your Business

Posted by admin - Oct 19, 2017, 4:36 PM


If your software isn’t making your business more efficient, it’s holding you back. Software is a tool, not a bandage, and it’s supposed to streamline processes and further your goals. Your business should expect great things from its software.

At IT-HenHouse, we help clients select and implement software that enhances their business activities. From ERPs to custom-built software suites, our solutions solve problems. Here are a few signs there are looming inefficiencies in your current software platform(s).


You’re losing stuff

Software should keep track of things. Your people, your customers, your inventory…there’s really no end to the data that can (and should) be stored on the platforms your business runs off of. Staff should easily be able to find what they need to write that RFP or quickly search the inventory database. Your software should rely as minimally as possible on manual inputs (i.e. typing in a phone number by hand) and it should be secured so as not to leave your business vulnerable to a security hack. If things keep falling through the cracks, better software can help.


Your systems don’t “talk” to each other

By far and away the biggest problem most businesses report from their software platforms is that they don’t communicate with one another. This creates real inefficiencies through redundancy, bottlenecks, and constantly shifting from one platform to another. Ideally, one enterprise software platform (like Zoho or Infor, for example) will accomplish everything you need. Unless your business has incredibly complex and unique needs, there’s probably a singular software solution out there that can streamline your operations. If not, your software platforms should – at the very least – seamlessly ingrate with one another to prevent you and your employees from having to manually play go-between.


Your platforms don’t provide insight

Remember, business software systems aren’t just for the here-and-now, they’re for the future. Half the point of digitizing your data is so it can be organized, analyzed, and predictive! Software should be providing your business valuable insights about how to move forward. From how many people to hire to which products are selling faster than usual to whether your marketing efforts are bringing in leads, software can direct your business if you let it. Not milking this opportunity probably either means you’re using insufficient software or that you’re not exploiting the full functionality of what you already have. Either way, an IT expert can help.

Is your software making your business more or less efficient? The answer really is a black or white. If you suspect your software could be doing more, you’re probably right. Need help figuring out exactly where your setup is lacking? Or maybe you’re not sure how software is failing you, but there are specific pain points you need addressed? Perhaps your business is growing or changing and you fear your software just won’t keep up?


We understand. The experienced IT professionals at IT-HenHouse have worked with hundreds of businesses to evaluate, identify, and integrate software solutions. It’s what we do best.

Give us a call today to get started.

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