How To Identify Redundancies in Your Business Software

Posted by admin - Feb 28, 2018, 4:34 PM



Business redundancies are kind of like shoes that are slightly too big. You feel a little discomfort throughout the day, but you don’t realize what a problem they are until you take them off at night and your blisters have bled clear through your socks.

(Unintentional) redundancies will bleed you dry.

They sap manpower from your office, forcing employees to perform the same action time and time again. And they steal bandwidth from your system, compelling your software programs to compete with each other. But redundancies can be hard to spot. How do you know if you have them?


The Same Information Exists in More than One Place

There are digital redundancies and Real Life redundancies. If your office keeps client records in a big avocado-colored filing cabinet, in a central database, and attached to each client’s name within your customer management platform, your system is redundant. Every minute your employees are forced to enter (or…for shame…write) information that already exists somewhere else is a minute they could be spending growing your business. It’s time to decide once and for all where your information will live, then go down that road full-steam.


Simple Searches Seem Really, Really Slow

If you have multiple software platforms keeping your business moving along, you’re already probably up against some redundancies. If those software programs have gotten slower and slower to load vital information over time, they’re bloated. They’re competing for bandwidth to bring you the data you need, and they’re likely already sharing a lot of data (if they’re paired with each other) that doesn’t really need to be shared! Software bloat is a serious issue and it’s costing your employees valuable seconds all the time. Seconds turn into minutes and before you know it, a process that should take only two minutes is expected to take fifteen.


Your Software has Lots of Features You’re Not Using

Why implement a software if you’re only going to use 10% of it? Today, most enterprise software is pretty comprehensive. A single platform can manage your inventory, your marketing, and your customer relationships, then make you coffee when it’s done. (We kid, we kid.) If you’ve got multiple software programs and have barely scratched the surface of any of them, you could probably stand to simplify. The best way to avoid this kind of redundancy is to work with a fantastic IT consultant from the get-go to figure out which software platform has all the tools you need already baked in.

IT HenHouse is the technology partner you’ve been looking for. We’re experts at spotting inefficiencies in your business systems, even if you think everything’s running fine. There’s always a way to streamline.

Redundancies cost you money. They frustrate your employees, they create a bad customer experience, and they inevitably lead to misinformation. It’s time your business software caught up to your needs.


Reach out to the team at IT HenHouse today.

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