How Disruptive Technology Will Change the Way We Use Software

Posted by admin - Dec 6, 2017, 4:33 PM

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Disruptive technology is, in a nutshell, technology that innovates or displaces existing technology in an established industry. The cell phone, for example, was at one time considered a disruptive technology. So was the typewriter.

Kind of hard to imagine today, huh?

Technology is “disrupting” the norm at a faster pace than ever before, particularly within business. Innovative software solutions are changing the way business is conducted, the way data is analyzed, and even the way people report for work. It’s an exciting time to be in technology.

IT-HenHouse takes a look at a few of the ways disruptive technologies are changing the ways we use software.


IoT Software Connects Everything

What is the “internet of things?” It’s the concept that everyday objects can be embedded with computing hardware, interconnecting them all in the cloud. IoT technology is fundamentally shaking up whole industries. In the medical space, for example, the IoT is enhancing patient care through medication/supply tracking, digital medical records, and even through implanted devices. At its core, IoT tech removes one of the elements of commerce that slows things down and can lead to errors: human interaction.


Hybrid Wireless Simplifies Communication

Hybrid wireless solutions allow for instantaneous communication over disparate protocols, frequencies, or wireless providers. Improving communications infrastructure helps seal the gaps between existing technology platforms that have actually become huge bottlenecks when implemented on a large scale. Wi-Fi networks that don’t interface with handheld radio transmitters, for example, can create real-world problems for the same end-users the technology is meant to help.


Cognitive Software Learns as it Goes

It’s a nebulous term, but “cognitive” software refers to a platform that essentially learns as it computes, processes, and outputs. Through machine learning, software systems can intuit which data to prioritize, how to best communicate with users, and even how to work more efficiently themselves. In this way, learning software actually becomes more customized to the business it serves over time as it’s honed and guided by actual human users. Like your favorite Pandora station on steroids.

Every month, hundreds of new technologies threaten to (or promise to?) “disrupt” the industry in some way or another. Most don’t have much staying power, but some are fundamentally altering the role technology plays in the workplace. Are you finding it hard to keep up?

It’s not all robots and holograms, we promise.IT-HenHouse keeps our finger on the pulse of what’s trending in disruptive technology so we can see where software is heading. Not only that, but we actually create and perfect disruptive technologies using our technical expertise and know-how. If you’ve got an app that can change the world or an idea for a whole new kind of software platform, we can help you build it.


Ready to talk tech? Reach out us. We can’t wait to hear about your lightbulb moment.

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