How Custom Technology Can Make Your Business More Efficient

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“Custom technology” sounds totally unattainable, right? If you’re a small business, a new business, or even just a perfectly average-sized business, the concept of customized technology can seem hopelessly out of reach.

Great news! It’s not.

Custom technology is something any business can afford, regardless of size. IT-HenHouse has worked with dozens of businesses on innovative, unique technologies designed to improve processes, innovate strategies, and increase efficiency.

So, how can custom technology make your business more efficient? Let us explain.


Information is Power

Clichéd, but true. The more information you make available to your employees, the more easily they’ll be able to use it to do their jobs better. Access to information might seem like an afterthought – that’s what file cabinets are for, right? – but it’s often the one thing standing in the way of taking a business to the next level. Technology designed around the kind of information you need to organize and share (photos, proposals, interviews, etc.) is exactly what you need to get everyone moving in the same direction at the same speed.


Expand Your Office

Not, literally, but digitally. It’s the 21st century…your employees shouldn’t still be tied to their desks. Today’s business climate is all about immediacy; speed is efficiency. Custom technology can open up new ways for your employees to work: remote access, cloud computing, offsite monitoring, and more. Allowing your team access to the office anywhere gives them the power to work when and where it’s convenient, putting out small fires even when the office is closed. This, in turn, frees up the regular work week for Onward and Upward thinking.


Streamline Processes

Your business processes might be broken without you even realizing it. If your office is constantly recovering from information gone missing, your employees struggling with redundant analog tasks, and your customers frustrated by a lack of timely communication, you probably need a better system in place. Thankfully, technology is the answer. But remember, your processes are unique to your office. Custom technology can put processes in place that streamline your office’s every action, from billing to human resources to marketing. If your employees are wasting time on tasks that could be automated, you’re missing opportunities.

Efficiency hinges on reliability. Business technology should be reliable – it should work, of course, but it should also reliably make work easier. If it doesn’t, it’s not the right fit.


IT HenHouse specializes in helping businesses achieve their full potential through technology. Some businesses are happy with off-the-shelf ERPs and automation software; others need something a little more specific to what they do. We get that.


If you’ve been looking for an IT partner to work with you on a better solution for business technology, please reach out to us today. We can’t wait to WOW you with all the things custom technology can do for your business.

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