Does Your Business Need a CRM?

Posted by admin - Oct 11, 2017, 4:25 PM


Does your company need a CRM?

If you sell to, market to, or service customers, you probably need a Customer Relationship Management tool. It really is that simple. The good news is, there are dozens of software products out there designed specifically to make this facet of your business more streamlined…no more endless Excel spreadsheets or literal Roladexes for you! (Yes, some people still actually use Roladexes.)


The Benefits of a CRM

The abbreviation “CRM” is used to refer to any tool, system, or product designed to manage your customer relationships. Generally offered as a software suite, good CRMs integrate into your existing processes to make logistics easier, not more complicated. A few benefits offered by a functional CRM include:

  • Sales automation (teams and individuals)
  • Marketing and/or content automation
  • Contact and lead automation
  • Streamlined administration regarding customer interaction
  • Data analytics tools


What Type of CRM Do You Need?

There are, quite literally, hundreds of CRM software platforms out there. The two main types to know are on-premises CRMs and cloud-based CRMs. On-premises CRMs basically require your business to buy the platform then manage the data, admin, training, and security in-house. Conversely, cloud-based CRMs offer Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) which means your company pays a subscription fee to use the software which then hosts your data on an external network somewhere.

Both have benefits and drawbacks. SaaS tends to be slightly more expensive in the long run and for some companies, poses significant security concerns. It also comes with more “amenities” like specialized training, instant updating, and remote access. On-premises CRMs generally require only a one-time financial output and are usually very customizable initially. They can be altered, managed, and secured in-house which makes them attractive to many enterprises.


Yes, But How Do I REALLY Know That I Need a CRM? Things Are…Fine?

Are they? CRMs aren’t necessarily designed to be tourniquets; most businesses’ customer relationship management processes aren’t high-profile emergencies. Consider, then, how a CRM can improve, simplify, and grow your business – often in ways manpower cannot.

Reasons it might be time to talk to your IT consultant about a CRM include…

  • Business is booming and you’re getting in more leads than ever before. Info is getting lost and you’re barely keeping your head above water filling orders. Where was that phone number again?
  • You have little to no data surrounding your customers or potential customers. The sales team and/or marketing department seem to just be throwing darts, hoping something sticks.
  • Your leads aren’t converting. You know you’re getting calls but for some reason they’re not translating into sales. You’ve heard customers complain about inefficiencies you didn’t know existed.
  • Employees really, really want to work remotely, but your current setup means they’re chained to their desks. Could a CRM system save you money on office costs?
  • The path forward is really unclear. It’s hard to tell where opportunity for your business lies and where the easiest “wins” may be. You don’t see how your current system could possibly scale.


Are you ready to talk about CRMs and what they might mean for your business? IT-HenHouse has worked with businesses all over Charlotte and beyond to consult, brainstorm, and integrate handpicked software tools for their offices. Don’t just sign up for the first online platform that looks streamlined and cool. Get professional, layman’s terms IT advice about the functionalities your businesses needs in a CRM.


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