5 Things To Know about IT When Starting a Business

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So, you’re starting a business. Good for you! You probably have a lot on your plate, but technology is a great place to start. Laying a strong IT foundation for your fledgling business now will pay dividends (and then some) for years to come.

Here are five things to know about IT when starting a business.


  1. You need an IT plan. 

    Technology doesn’t just happen. Whether you’re launching a multi-person office space or a one-woman operation, “IT” is more than a handful of laptops and smartphones. Working with an IT consultant before you ever open the doors of your business means you don’t have to know what you don’t know. IT pros understand the complexities of office computing systems, of wireless printing stations, of Enterprise Resource Software solutions… You wouldn’t try to handle all the legal logistics of setting up your business without consulting a lawyer, so you shouldn’t take over the IT planning, either.
  2. Your IT should scale with your business.

    Your business may be small now, but growth is probably your goal. Sometimes that means more people in the workplace (which means more hardware, like laptops and docking stations.) Sometimes that means new markets for your business (which could shift your tracking needs or your marketing automation software.) Odds are, you can’t perfectly predict where your business will lead, but setting up your office’s software and hardware to scale alongside your growth saves money and streamlines new business activities.
  3. Data security can’t be an afterthought.

    The kind of data security modern businesses need simply isn’t baked into most of the tech products you can buy “off the shelf.” Your data security should be considered holistically. What data do you store? Is the server offsite or onsite? How long is it stored, and what might it be used for? Security should be paramount when it comes time to set up your office’s tech specifications; it’s far easier to install software and hardware with security measures in mind than to troubleshoot after some major intrusion.
  4. Think outside the box (store.) 

    Sure, you can buy a spate of computers at a big box electronics store and you can download proprietary software online for a fee, but do you fully understand how all the pieces work together? Maybe your business could use an app to encourage consumer engagement. Maybe you need a workaround to get your wireless technology to communicate with your desktop stations. Maybe you haven’t even thought about all the capabilities you have but aren’t fully utilizing. An IT consultant with a focus on disruptive technology can help.
  5. IT isn’t a one-time investment. 

    Starting a business is expensive. It’s understandable to want to cut some corners to save on the bottom line, but remember that IT isn’t a one-time investment. Once you’ve found the right IT partner, your money ensures an ongoing commitment to the success of your business. Down the road, that might mean replacing computers or upgrading software, but it’s important not to think of IT spending as a line item; when done with purpose, investing in your businesses’ technology always provides incredible ROI.


Need help with your startup IT? IT-HenHouse regularly works with new business owners to plan, install, and support their technology needs. From hardware to software to knowledgeable, layman’s terms advice, we’ve got you.

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