5 Questions To Ask Before Investing in Custom Technology

Posted by admin - Mar 20, 2018, 4:20 PM

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Does your business need custom technology? 
Does a one-legged duck swim in circles?

If you’re considering investing in custom technology, you’ve probably already realized you have one or more technological issues that need solving. Custom software and/or hardware is almost always a good idea if you’re planning on growing a successful business (and you are, right?), but these are the five questions you need to be asking before you pull the trigger.

  1. What, exactly, is the problem I’m trying to solve?
    You wouldn’t hire an architect to design your dream home for you if you had no idea who’d ultimately be living there or what you’d want to be doing in it. The same goes for custom technology. Creating a customized solution is only viable if there’s something that needs solving…sometimes that can be multiple issues (i.e. redundancy, inefficiency, etc.), but you need to be able to articulate them before sitting down to the drawing board.
  2. Where is my business headed?
    Your business doesn’t just need a better network or a more efficient ERP system for now, it needs those things for tomorrow, too. Where will your business be in five years? If you plan to have more employees, a broader scope, or even remote capabilities, you need to consider those things when developing technology today. Custom technology isn’t meant to be a Band-Aid to what ails you, it’s meant to be a catalyst for truly remarkable progress.
  3. What do your employees need to do their jobs?
    Remember to consider any custom technology on both a macro and a micro level. Yes, your new platforms need to solve your business’ overarching technological quandaries, but they also need to help your employees get their work done. Talk to your staff about where their technological pain points are, and what fixes could make them better. If you’re going to go custom, you might as well create something that works for everyone.
  4. How will I determine ROI on my technology investment?
    That’s a great – and loaded – question! Make no mistake, a technology overhaul, particularly one that includes custom development, is an investment. Before you engage, figure out which measurables you’ll use to determine whether custom technology is earning its keep. Will you track how long specific processes take? Measure how much you save on manually inputting inventory? Calculate the exact amount you get back when you stop paying for your current patchwork of subscriptions? Data is good.
  5. Can an off-the-shelf solution do what I’m looking for?
    Not every business really, truly needs custom technology! Some businesses just need better technology. If you’re unsure whether or not a custom solution is the right solution for you, talk to an IT professional who’ll listen. Do your best to articulate your concerns and your current roadblocks, and make sure you choose a professional from the get-go who won’t try and shoehorn you into a specific product or brand. When you’re just not sure what you need, finding an IT partner is the right next step.


Let IT-HenHouse be your new technology partner. We develop custom technology for businesses in Charlotte and all over the country, but our expertise doesn’t stop there. Many of our clients just need advice, not a totally custom software solution. We help them flesh out a plan.

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