4 Signs It's Time To Switch IT Companies

Posted by admin - Nov 8, 2017, 4:15 PM


You need a new IT company. 
At least…you think you do.


It’s a hard call to make. Your company’s IT provider should offer more than just a few warm bodies that know how to code. The right IT company is a partner, not just a stopgap. If the IT firm you’re working with isn’t actively making your business better, it’s costing you opportunities.

Here are four definitive signs it’s time to switch IT companies.


1. There’s a (serious) communication breakdown.

IT providers are unique in that they’re often remote. Unlike some business services, tech providers don’t have to be in-office or even in town to be incredibly useful. Of course, working with a local IT provider has its own set of benefits, but that’s not always possible. The trick to managing a highly-successful IT/client relationship is communicationAsk yourself: Does my IT provider get me? Do they really understand where I’m trying to take this business? What my employees’ pain points are? The level at which I want them to engage with our process? If the answer to those kinds of questions is always “no,” (or if you just can’t ever seem to get anyone on the phone!) it’s time to start looking.


2. Their IT solutions are starting to feel like sales pitches.

All IT providers have favorite products. At IT-HenHouse, we swear by the intuitive functionalities of ERPs like Zoho and Infor. That said, these solutions are just options. They’re not the end-all, be-all of technology and they’re not the right fit for every one of our clients. Sometimes the right product is something different; sometimes it’s a hybridized version of several software products working together. Point is, you shouldn’t ever feel like your IT provider is pushing a specific product on you with their best interest, not yours, in mind.


3. You no longer feel like a priority.

Maybe your IT provider is scaling up. Maybe they’ve taken on a massive corporate client that’s eating up all their resources. Maybe they’re writing the Next Great American Novel during work hours. Whatever the case, the minute you start to feel like your company – once a treasured client – is being treated like small potatoes, it’s time to move on. Like any business relationship, your IT partnership is bound to change over time; make sure yours is still making you feel valued, appreciated, and heard.


4. Your business has grown, pivoted, and changed. Your IT provider hasn’t.

This one is tough. It’s the IT equivalent of, “It’s not you…it’s me!” There comes a time for every company to ask whether the business has outgrown its IT partner. It happens. If a technology partner isn’t able (or doesn’t know how to be) proactive, doesn’t offer industry-focused suggestions for scaling or growing your business, or doesn’t tell you what functionalities you’re missing that could change the course of your business, you’re getting a raw deal. It’s just business, after all. You should like your IT provider, of course, but you should be getting tangible value out of the relationship, too.


Strike a chord? 
IT-HenHouse wants to be your company’s new IT provider. We’re fast, we’re friendly, and we’re always looking ahead.

Ready? Us too. Reach out here.

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