4 Kinds of Companies That Benefit from Customer Databases

Posted by admin - Feb 21, 2018, 4:11 PM



Databases are quite literally the foundation of any workable software solution. As structured sets of data within a computer or network, databases take many forms. Everything requires databases to run, from word processors to image editing software, but many businesses simply don’t understand how important these elemental components really are.

There’s never been a better time to consider implementing custom databases. They’re functional, they’re optimized, and they’re less expensive than you think, especially when they’re part of a comprehensive software overhaul. But who needs custom databases, really? Here are four kinds of companies that shouldn’t consider anything else. 


1. Companies with Big Growth Plans

Spreadsheets aren’t scalable. Custom databases are. If your business plans include significant growth, particularly if you expect that growth to happen in the short term, you need something custom. Personalized database solutions allow your business to grow the right way, not according to some one-size-fits-all mold. Don’t run out of room or end up with a plethora of disconnected data banks: invest in custom databases early on.

2. Companies with Remote Employees

If your company allows for (or is planning to allow) more remote working opportunities, custom databases are the best way to ensure all your data stays open to everyone who needs it. When databases can be customized to suit the fields and formats your business needs, there’s really no reason to conduct business outside of the platform you’ve created. In turn, everything is centralized and readily accessible whether employees are working in the corner office or in working in the next town.

3. Companies with Complex Reporting Needs

If your business is unique – and of course it is! – you might need reporting capabilities that don’t come standard with off-the-shelf database solutions. Building out custom databases allows you to capture exactly which data matters to your business, then sort, compile, and calculate that data based on what you hope to gain. There’s nothing worse than reporting software that presents intriguing info but stops just short of being useful.

4. Companies that Need Advanced Security

Databases are imminently more secure than ad hoc data programs. You can design your databases to be password protected, encrypted, and even to require specific user permissions to access; Excel can’t do that. If you’re in an industry in which both in-house and out-of-house security is an issue, think custom. Law firms, doctor’s offices, and governmental organizations almost always create their own databases so they retain granular control over who’s accessing what.

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