4 Common Myths about Disruptive Technology, Debunked

Posted by admin - Jan 12, 2018, 4:09 PM

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Disruptive [dis-ruhp-tiv]

1. causing, tending to cause, or caused by disruption, the forcible separation into parts. 
2. Business.

  1. relating to or noting a new product, service, or idea that radically changes an industry or 
    business strategy, especially by creating a new market and disrupting an existing one.

What hasn’t been “disrupted” these days? Mortgages have been disrupted. Cable has been disrupted. Coffee, apparently, has been disrupted.

Before it was the buzzword du jour, “disruptive” was used to describe technologies that made things better. It still is! As innovators in the disruptive technology spaceIT-HenHouse wants to dispel a few of the most common myths about disruption.



Myth #1: Disruption is always devastating.

Disrupting something doesn’t mean you have to burn it to the ground. Although the word itself is rife with excitability, sometimes the most disruptive solutions are actually some of the quietest. If your processes aren’t as efficient as it could be, implementing “disruptive technology” could just be a catchy way of saying you’re reimagining the way your software/hardware interacts with your business. Disruption shouldn’t have a negative connotation.


Myth #2: Disruption is always an app.

Sure, custom apps are a huge component of the age of disruption we’re living in. After all, so many of the technologies we’re seeing are new to us and apps help work them into our everyday lives. But disruption can come from many places: Better software integration, upgraded hardware, automation. Disruption that sticks should be considered across the board, not just on the mobile scale.


Myth #3: “Move Fast and Break Things”

That was Facebook’s official motto, back when Facebook was still the king of disruption. Sure, innovating on the fly and making corrections instead of calculated decisions works for some businesses, but not all. In fact, some of the best disruptive technologies are actually borne from years of digging, testing, and analyzation. It’s not enough for technology to be disruptive in this day and age; it needs to actually work.


Myth #4: Disruption is unpredictable.

It’s tempting to think of disruption as a force of nature. “It’s impossible to know where consumer preferences will lead us!” you say. “Five years ago I would have never paid a stranger $20 to drive me to the airport!” Disruption, in fact, is predictable. Understanding your customers (usually through data) is the key to knowing where your opportunities lie. Disrupt accordingly.

Does your business have a need for disruptive technology?
Is your technology missing the mark somewhere but you’re just not sure where?
Would your customers benefit from the ease and convenience of an app?

IT-HenHouse is your partner in disruptive technology. We live for innovative tech…experience has made us experts in creative, far-reaching technology for businesses and organizations alike.

If you’ve got an idea, we can make it work. Let’s talk IT.

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