4 Common Gaps in Your Sales Software and the Problems They Cause

Posted by admin - Apr 10, 2018, 4:07 PM


No two sales software platforms are exactly the same (obviously.) That’s a good thing for your business, because it means that if your current sales software isn’t working, you’ve got options. And if none of those options satisfy your needs? You can always consider a custom software solution if you’ve got a talented IT firm in your corner…

But we digress. How do you even identify whether or not your current sales software is failing you? Let’s take a look at four common gaps sales software platforms often create and the ways in which they could be hurting your business.


  1. Your system isn’t catching leads before they fall out of the pipeline.
    A qualified lead is like a chocolate soufflé: Pretty great if you get to it right away, but pretty useless if you wait too long. Generating qualified leads is but one part of your sales process. The real work begins once those leads are captured and your sales team starts to nurture them; that first interaction is always precarious. If your sales software isn’t telling you when to reach out and providing enough information for you to determine what kind of interaction each customer needs, it’s not pulling its weight.
  2. Your system is creating redundant messaging.
    For most businesses, every lead is precious. You can’t afford to lose potential customers simply because your sales software isn’t smart enough to know when to talk and when to wait. If a customer signed up for your newsletter, for example, you want your sales software to tell you they’re interested in your business, so you can create a plan of action. You don’t want that same software to start bombarding them with emails simply because they forked over their address. Lead nurturing is a delicate balancing act and you don’t need your software spoiling it for you.
  3. Your system isn’t giving you enough data to act upon. 
    The entire point of automating your sales process is to simplify things, not complicate them. Great sales software produces mountains of data about your customers, your potential customers, and in some cases, even your competitors. It shows you this data in digestible ways: Charts, graphs, reports. If your sales system isn’t really producing anything other than headaches, you need a better way. Done all you can to engage with your platform and still coming up dry? You need a better fit.
  4. Your system isn’t nuanced enough for your business.
    The sales process is different for every industry. If you own a Thai restaurant, for example, your sales process is a lot shorter and more straightforward than if you own a manufacturing facility. For companies with particularly long, complex, or nuanced sales pipelines, having the right software is essential. You need a platform that adjusts for your business; you should never be adjusting to fit software. If you can’t find anything that seems to offer everything you need? A custom solution may be in order.


Choosing the right sales software can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. IT-HenHouse is your go-to resource for everything from ERPs to CRMs, and don’t worry, we’re also the kind of folks who will tell you what those acronyms mean if you don’t already know because it’s not your job to be an IT expert.

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