4 Best Practices When Implementing a New Business Technology

Posted by admin - Oct 18, 2017, 4:05 PM


Your business is only as forward-thinking as its technology. Whether you’re implementing an entirely new enterprise software system or upgrading all the hardware in your office, technology changes can be disruptive if not planned for in advance.

Here are four best practices for seamlessly, strategically implementing new technology into your business.



  1. Create a Plan
    The most important – and most frequently overlooked! – aspect of new technology implementation is a comprehensive plan. A business’ IT firm should help come up with an actionable list of to-dos, from installing new software to setting up workstations, complete with specific dates and time estimates. The plan should be shared with everyone in the office so preparation can begin early. The end goal: no surprises.
  2. Familiarize the Team 
    New technology adoption at work can be a tough-sell. When everyone’s used to the way things are it can be difficult to convince them about the way things could be. Once management decides to implement new technology, be honest with the team about what it will mean for their daily workflow; be effusive about the benefits of the new system and select several “ambassadors” within your organization who can promote the new technology from within.
  3. Training, Training, Training
    Technology training never stops! Talk to your IT consultant about what kind of training would work best for your team. Would a one-day immersion be the least disruptive option? Should you schedule hour-long training sessions once a week, department by department? There’s no one training regimen that works for every business, but long term and continuous training should always be on the table. Implementation of new technology doesn’t stop once everyone powers up; there’s always more to learn about making a system more efficient!
  4. Reevaluation
    It’s important to choose an IT provider who sees business technology implementation as a process, not a one-time service. Even the best laid plans can change once a system’s in place based on usability, shifting institutional goals, or hardware. Aside from ongoing training, the best implementation plans include straightforward measurables and goals for evaluating a technology overhaul both in-house and externally.


IT-HenHouse customers tell us they not only appreciate our industry know-how, but our commitment to helping them seamlessly integrate new technology into their current system. It’s imperative that your business choose an IT consultant that looks at the big picture, not just the short-term. Business planning never stops…technology growth shouldn’t either!

You need an IT consultant who understands your business. IT-HenHouse is the solution you’ve been looking for. Reach out to our team today to get started.

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