3 Ways To Ensure the Security of Company Data

Posted by admin - Mar 7, 2018, 4:03 PM

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“Data breach” isn’t a term your business wants to hear. It’s terrifying, the thought of some malicious hacker gaining access to all your sensitive company files and, worse, customer data.

What can you actively do to protect the security of your company’s information?

It’s a loaded question, to be sure. The answer depends a lot on what kind of systems you’re operating off of, where your data is hosted, and even on how access is approved. Here are three things IT-HenHouse says absolutely every business should be doing to protect its data.


  1. Create and Implement a Data Security Plan

    It sounds simple but creating a plan for your data is absolutely the only way you can reliably protect it. The plan starts with knowing your data: What’s most important, most vulnerable, and most easily accessed? Next, talk with your IT consultant about the actionable security measures you can put in place to protect that data, both defensively and offensively. Plans should lead to policies, and your company’s data policy is something every employee – and even every customer – should have access to. Great data security plans aren’t all cloak and dagger, they’re transparent. Hackers know all the workarounds businesses use to stay safe; the trick is building a fortress around your data to keep them out.
  2. Encryption and Password Protection

    Your entire system should be cloaked in several layers of data protection. Antivirus software, for example, is a high-level safeguard for the network at large. But it’s important to also talk with your IT consultant about encrypting specific data, such as sensitive contracts or identifying customer info. Each place this kind of information is stored should have very high levels of encryption as a safeguard against next-layer breaches. Along the same lines, consider your company’s password policy (and overall access policy) as an additional layer of analog encryption. The stronger your passwords, the safer your data. It really is that simple.
  3. Backup Your Data, Backup Your Data, Backup Your Data

    Did we mention you should backup your data? Your business should be backing up all its relevant data on an extremely regular basis. Ideally, your system will automate the backup process so you never even have to think about it. Ask your IT professional how to manage that backed up data. Should it be stored on a server offsite? Or maybe in the cloud? Businesses often overestimate the threat of malicious data breaches and underestimate the devastating consequences of losing data. Remember, security isn’t just about keeping people out, it’s about hanging onto the significant investment you’ve already made into your own information.

Is your company’s information secure?
Do you know?

Data security is an overwhelming issue for businesses without an in-house tech department. Don’t let inaction be the death-knell for your data…reach out to the experienced crew at IT-HenHouse today to find out how to protect your data from breaches and why you should be spending more time on backup.

The time to think about data protection is now, not after you’ve been compromised.

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