3 Tricks To Train Busy Employees on a New Software

Posted by admin - Oct 24, 2017, 4:00 PM


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It’s the calendar invite that strikes fear into every employee’s heart.

We get it! No one wants to spend their afternoon fumbling through an unfamiliar software system or listening to the drone of a conference call. That said, excellent technology training could be the only thing standing between your employees and all the benefits your software has to offer.

IT-HenHouse works with employers all around the country to provide training for new and integrated software platforms. If we install it, we figure, the least we should do is help you figure out how to optimize it.

Here are a few tricks of the trade for training busy employees on new software.


1.Set a standing training appointment.

And choose the timing wisely. Everyone’s calendar is open at 4pm on Fridays? Great! (We’re kidding. That’s a terrible time to try and get people interested in IT training.) Choose a time that won’t be easily missed or even overlap training with lunch once a week and pay to have food brought in. Make trainings mandatory, and schedule them every other day or so until your employees get the hang of it. The longer they go between training sessions, the more time the next one needs to devote to catching everyone up.

2.Pick a point-person.

Management and the IT professionals they’re working with can’t be the only ones excited about software. Decide which person(s) makes the most sense to select as in-house cheerleader for the new system. Hint: Whoever had the most complaints about the last setup is usually a good place to start. Make training and implementation a function of their job; allow them time to have their own personal training sessions. Have someone else take over one or two of their work duties so they can dedicate some real time to learning the new system. Having an in-house software expert is never a bad thing.

3.Incentivize, don’t demoralize.

Change is hard. That’s true even when the old system wasn’t working; learning anythingnew on a system-wide basis can feel frustrating, overwhelming, and time-consuming. It’s important to incentivize your employees to attend training and implement what they learn. Odds are your new software has reporting tools to make this easier. Rewarding those who transfer the most old accounts over or who spend time poking around the system on their own is a clever way to normalize the change. And whatever you do, don’t look back. Set a date for complete conversion to the new system and never, ever waver.

IT training isn’t just what you make it, it’s who you do it with. At IT-HenHouse, we think it should be less “root canal” and more “look at all the cool things our new system does!” IT doesn’t have to be so boring, if you ask us. In the end, new technology isn’t just good for the bottom line, it should make your employees’ lives easier.

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