3 Signs an Off-the-Shelf Business Software Isn't Cutting It

Posted by admin - Feb 5, 2018, 9:59 PM

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It happens. You purchase business software before your business has really grown into its own, and things pivoted along the way. Or maybe your software was working just fine for you but since the merger, everything’s gone haywire.

There are a myriad of reasons it could be time to replace your existing business software.

If your business is operating on off-the-shelf software – that is, a non-customized solution – here are three signs it may be time to try something new.


  1. Your Staff is Creating Workarounds

    At IT-HenHouse, we consider “workaround” a four-letter word. Your business shouldn’t be operating on loopholes, and your employees shouldn’t have to MacGyver your software just to get their jobs done. A good way to tell when this is happening is if you notice individual employees becoming “experts” on any one part of the software. “Oh, you’ll have to ask Shelly how to upload something that big…she knows the trick.”
    Your software should be working for your business, not the other way around. Off-the-shelf platforms are robust, but they can leave gaping holes. Talk to an IT expert about whether modifying an open-source software or designing a totally custom solution is in order.


  1. You Have More Software Than a Best Buy

    If your business is operating (and growing!) seamlessly using one or two off-the-shelf software solutions, more power to you. For other businesses, software creephappens. What is software creep? It’s the totally-scientific term for what happens when you add one software, then another, then another to accommodate your business’ needs and suddenly end up with forty logins to remember.
    Custom software and/or modified off-the-shelf software can help streamline everything. There’s simply no reason in this day and age to be using one software for accounting, one for marketing automation, one for timesheets, and another for website analytics. If you are, you need something better.


  1. You’re Spending a Lot of Time on Analog Actions

    Software is supposed to modernize your business. If you’re spending too much time writing things down, copying-and-pasting, or otherwise entering in data one digit at a time, your software isn’t working hard enough for you. The capabilities of today’s business technology are astounding, if you let them be.
    If there still seem to be too many file cabinets or – gasp! – actual Rolodexes in your office, you need a better software solution. When employees decide using pen and paper is faster than using the computer system, you’ve got a problem.

Ready to find out more about a custom software solution for your business? Still not sure what “custom software solution” really is?

Your friends at IT HenHouse are excited to talk to you in Layman’s terms about the options for your business. Software is never one-size-fits-all and it’s always, always changing. Reach out to our team today to talk shop.

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