3 Questions to Ask Your IT Consulting Company

Posted by admin - Nov 28, 2017, 9:53 PM



Interviewing prospective IT consulting companies can be intimidating, especially when you don’t speak tech. It’s like that old saying…you don’t know what you don’t know! It’s hard to even understand where to start.

At IT-HenHouse, we don’t subscribe to the theory of, “The less you know, the better.” We want to empower you to make technology decisions for your business that serve your current needs and help you meet your future goals; knowledge is how we do it.

So, what should you be asking IT consultants when you’re trying to decide who’s right for the job? Here are three baseline questions to start with.


  1. Are you more infrastructure or solutions-oriented?

    The word “consulting” is a really nebulous term. “IT consulting” sounds even more like one big gray area, right? Before you ever speak to a consultant, you need to know what you want. Do you want an overhaul of all the technology in your office? Do you need new computers, a new phone system, and a new customer ordering platform? Or maybe there’s a specific part of your process broken, and you’re not sure if technology can fix it. The perfect IT consultant, ideally, will be both infrastructure and solutions-oriented. They’ll offer you guidance and advice so you can pinpoint what needs improving. They’ll use their experience to suggest fixes and even recommend software. But they should also have the tools and technical know-how to get your infrastructure up-to-speed, too; that includes installing your new software/hardware, training your staff how to use it, and providing ongoing technical support in the following months and even years.
  2. Can you work within my budget?

    This is a little bit of a “gotcha” question, but it’s helpful for weeding out bad fits from the get go. Your perfect IT partner has experience working with clients just like you. Maybe you have a massive budget for a software overhaul and two brand-new apps. Maybe you’re a fledgling startup or a small business. Either way, you need to feel comfortable that your IT consultant won’t try to push your budget past your comfort zone. They should be candid and realistic with you about what to expect given your budgetary constraints, and where most of the high-value wins for your business IT ultimately lie. Your IT consultant should be as interested in your budget as you are. If you mention your budget and get a general response like, “Oh sure! That’s…. fine!” and then the consultant moves onto the next question? Be wary.
  3. Do you just do the work or do you manage it, too?

    All too often, business owners expect their IT firms to stick around once the software’s up and running and the final cord is plugged into the outlet, only to be disappointed. Unless you’re working with an IT company who both manages and installs the technology, you might be left with a flashing “ERROR” screen the second the consultant’s out the door. You don’t want that. Working with a holistic IT consulting/management firm means your IT partner will be intimately involved with your setup. They’ll know your pain points and your office, and they’ll take the time to train your staff. The right IT partner doesn’t disappear.



Is IT-HenHouse the right IT partner for you? (Answer: Yes!)
We’re excited to hear about your needs. And if you’re not exactly sure what you need? We’re excited to hear about that, too.

What can we say? Tech talk makes us giddy.

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