3 Emerging IT Trends in Healthcare

Posted by admin - Nov 2, 2017, 9:09 AM


Healthcare and technology enjoy a symbiotic relationship. At no point in history has the advancement of medical care been so dependent upon information, and more importantly, the technology that stores, shares, and utilizes it.

IT-HenHouse works with a variety of clients in the healthcare space. For these clients, customization is critical and security is always key. Thankfully, information technology resources for healthcare providers have never been more robust.

Here are three IT trends we’re noticing make an impact within the healthcare space.


  1. Cloud-Based Everything

    Data storage is one of the biggest issues facing the global healthcare industry today. Healthcare is swimming in potentially useful, potentially vulnerable data surrounding everything from treatment to individual patients…all that data is being managed on an ad hoc basis. Data churn, among other factors, has led to a rapid-pace adoption among healthcare providers of cloud-based computing solutions. Cloud-based IT architecture is inherently flexible, and its mobility is attractive within many healthcare disciplines. “The cloud” is also one of the safest solutions available for data storage when implemented properly, and far more cost-effective than onsite data storage alternatives.
  2. Consumer/Provider Engagement

    One thing we’re seeing a lot more of is technology used to keep patients in contact with their healthcare providers. Consumer-facing technologies are being utilized within healthcare to provide better aftercare, to manage appointments and billing, and even to provide mobile medical consultations. From apps to site-based platforms, the right IT solution completely depends on the provider and on the end-user. IT-HenHouse clients tell us what works best for them is a hybridized solution: An app- or platform-based software they can use to readily engage with patients as well as traditional office software that can effectively manage data in-house or in the cloud.
  3. Advancement of the EHR

    Electronic Health Records are here to stay. The onus is on healthcare providers to figure out how to integrate these digital medical records into existing processes without interrupting an otherwise streamlined system. A few of the biggest challenges facing the implementation of EHRs include security concerns, staff training, and operational compliance. Again, IT-HenHouse has seen best results within facilities that consider EHRs a component of a holistic healthcare software solution rather than a problem to be managed. For small- to medium-sized healthcare providers and facilities, EHRs can be the gateway to a total digitization of operations.

Technology in healthcare is changing. It’s up to doctors, medical facilities, and in-house IT teams to keep up. Today’s patients expect on-demand data and a more flexible, digital medical experience. The good news? Implementing smart healthcare IT can help your organization become more streamlined, less error-prone, and provide better patient care. Improved healthcare IT almost always translates into increased ROI.


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